Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's a girl to do?

MY STORY As I posted yesterday I am on a quest to use up my stash, make 5 scrappy quilts this year and not buy any fabric. Last night I pulled out a magazine that had a scrap quilt pattern that I am interested in making. While looking through the magazine I found another pattern that I really liked and then thought of a piece of fabric that I had just bought in December "just because".
MY PROBLEM Of course I bought 2 yards and fabric and the pattern calls for 3 yards.
MY SOLUTION Would it still count against me if I had someone else buy a yard of fabric for me? Or does it make sense to buy one yard of fabric so I can use 4 yards from my stash? What's a girl to do?


Pieceful Jane said...

If you are still able to purchase the fabric you are short on, I say buy it. You need more of it in order to use the piece you have in your stash. You aren't purchasing the fabric "just because".

Thunder Bay Resort Quilter's Retreat said...

I like the way you think, Pieceful Jane. I have a busy week this week so won't be able to do any shopping until the weekend, so still have a few days to think about it!!!!

svoikin said...

Hi Pam, I think you should buy the fabric, does not count toward buying fabric since it will not go into a tote, besides you really need it for your project. I also am really into scrapy quilts, I have been in that mode of using my stash and scrap quilts for the past year. I have not been inspired to make any "grand" quilts lately. Maybe the end of this year will get me inspired again. Sandi