Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Am I The Only One Who .........?

I only have two television shows that I like to watch on a regular basis. One is the Dr. Phil show and the other is The Biggest Loser. Usually Steve falls asleep while watching a hunting show with the remote in his hand. I enjoy doing some hand sewing, quilting or lately crocheting and dreaming about future projects so it doesn't really matter to me. Dr. Phil fits into my schedule right after work and before I start dinner and I like the way he "tells it like it is." Last week he had an episode titled "Am I the only one....." Guests had several questions ranging from relationships, quirky habits, wierd likes and dislikes, etc. So I started thinking -
Am I the only one who still has her Christmas tree up? Our 4 year old grandson London was over about 2 weeks ago and gently reminded me "Christmas is over, Nana." I started taking down some of our decorations yesterday and hope to finish that job today. Steve and I both love Christmas and we do a lot of decorating.
Am I the only one who sits at the sewing machine sewing on a quilt and dreaming about the next 3, 4, 5 or even 6 projects that I want to work on?
Am I the only one who wishes she was sitting at home in front of her sewing machine right now and not in the office in front of the computer? Oops, maybe I shouldn't be thinking (or typing) that!!!!

Send me a comment and answer the questions, Am I the only one ..........?

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Carol Sc said...

I don't often watch Dr. Phil, but I surely can identify with your "am I the only". I keep some of my Christmas decor up all year --- I like the spirit of the season and like to be reminded of it. ...and, yes, I definitely have the same sewing machine "onlys". ...except, while I am dreaming of the next 4,5,or 6 projects, I get a conscience nudge about the 4,5,6 or ... projects that need to be finished!