Friday, January 8, 2010

No pictures today but I do have a plan!!

I have a plan to help clean up my sewing room. I am telling all of you about this so you can help "hold my feet to the fire." I learned many years ago that there is no sense in trying to make New Year's Resolutions, I just don't seem to keep them. In past years I have set goals to try to finish up some of my quilts. I have managed to do quite well but I do have some to finish yet. I have decided to set a goal this year of trying to use the fabrics in my stash and make some scrappy quilts. I love scrappy quilts and have lots of patterns. So I am going to try to be realistic and set a goal of making 5 scrappy quilt tops this year. I am hoping for more but will set 5 as my goal right now. And I am also going to try not to buy any fabric and that will be very hard. When I went to the Resort office on Wednesday there was a Connecting Threads catalog on my desk showing lots of beautiful fabrics - TEMPTATION. Then yesterday I had to stop at Wal-Mart so decided to buy a couple of spools of thread and the young girl working at the cutting tables asked if I was going to have any fabric cut - another TEMPTATION. I managed to resist. Thanks to my friend Sandi for telling me about Judy's Patchwork Times website and blog. I have only been following the blog for a short time but it looks like she is challenging quilters to use up their stashes. She has even gone to the extent of making up a spread sheet listing all of her fabrics and measurements. Then she keeps track of fabrics added to her stash and fabrics used. It is quite impressive. I don't have yardage, just small pieces and I don't plan to go to that extent. Perhaps I will count the totes that I use up. I have a couple of scrappy quilts in the works and am anxious to get back to them. While cuttting my scraps I was thinking that I wish I could cut for more than one quilt at a time. But I am afraid that the quilts would all look alike. Stay tuned for the progress.

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JudyL said...

You give me too much credit! :) I don't have all my fabric listed but I do list what I use and what I add. Good luck with getting organized. I can do so much more when I'm organized but my nature is total disorganization!