Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scrappy Quilt Day at Guild

Today was Scrappy Quilt Day #2 at our Guild. We had several ladies there with sewing machine humming, all working on their own projects. Once again I took my Singer Featherweight and my Trail Mix Quilt. The pattern is broken down into 7 steps. Last month I finished Step #1. Today I got 1/2 of Step #2 done. Either I talked to much (not me!!!) or Step #2 is a bit more involved.
Lenore was working on a pineapple type block and put everyone to shame with her organizational skills. All of her strips were lined up nice and neat and she was able to just pick up each strip and do the paper piecing. Quilter's Retreat staff member Karen was working on a full size quilt using some odd sized shapes. Both she and Lenore were working on some Edyta Sitar patterns. Speaking of Karen, have you had a chance to check out her winter edition of The Quilted Elk newsletter? JoEllen is also a staff member but is very camera shy.

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