Sunday, May 20, 2012

 Here is a picture of my Bow Tucks bag.  I love it.  This is the larger size and it works well for all of the necesseties.  I would like to make the smaller one too some day.
This is a project that I finished during the winter but I don't think I shared a picture of it.  At Guild we had a 2 inch fabric exchange, then one of the members taught this table topper pattern.  A lot of the information was basic information but always good as a refresher.  I have it on my coffee table and enjoy looking at it.  Quilt Camp was wonderful.  I spent lots of time finishing up some machine button hole applique on some very small pieces so it doesn't look like I accomplished very much.  Today we have a mystery quilt class at Guild.

A Visual !?!

This may not be for the faint at heart.  This morning out oldest nephew was confirmed at Church.  Following the worship service we enjoyed family time and a delicious dinner.  When we left there we went to the other side of town where a benefit dinner was being held for a local man who is seriously ill with pancreatic cancer.  We didn't go for dinner, just wanted to make a donation, then ended up visiting with a very good friend for awhile.  We got home around 5 o'clock.  As I have stated before hand quilting is my favorite part of quilting but I haven't had anything sandwiched and ready to quilt for quite some time.  I decided this afternoon would be a great time to put my quilt frame up, especially since it was 90 degrees outside.  Since it was already early evening I decided there was no sense in changing out of my church dress.  I did take my jacket off, leaving a sleeveless dress and not a pretty sight.  And since I needed some pockets for the clips for the quilt frame the only thing I could find was a Christmas apron.  The pockets worked great for the clips and for my I-Pod.  But wait, it gets even better - I also put my crocs on as they are so comfortable, especially on the cement garage floor.  I am so glad my husband didn't think about getting the camera out.  Oh, and to top it off, one of the songs that played on my I-Pod was Gretchen Wilson's Redneck Woman.  When I told my husband about the song he just looked at me and gave a very faint smile and nod.   So now I have a quilt that is ready to be hand quilted.  I left the frame up in the garage and am thinking that if I have enough energy left after Church I would like to get another quilt sandwiched.  I haven't decided yet but I may have quilt that one.

Right now in my sewing room I have a dress that I started for our grand daughter.  It is the first garment sewing I have done in a very long time.  I would like to get it done before she comes to visit next weekend.  I also have parts and pieces of a quilt that I have been working on.  The blocks are sewn into rows.  Now I need to sewing the sashings and corner stones together and get the top finished.  I have a sewing station set up here in our family room where I have been working on the mystery quilt I started at Guild last Thursday.  I have 12 blocks done, I think the pattern calls for 20 blocks but I may make the quilt bigger, not sure on that yet.  This week is going to be busy with work and helping with grandchildren but hopefully I can get Allie's dress done and maybe even work on a few more blocks for the mystery quilt.

How many projects do you have "in the works"?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Very Good Week

This has been a very good week in my sewing world.  On Monday I took a class at Sandy Dee's Quilt Shop.  She is hosting a bag of the month and the first project was a Bow Tuck Bag.  I have been wanting to make one for awhile now and so this was the perfect opportunity.  It was fun, although I didn't follow the directions, but I still have a beautiful purse.  Yesterday several of us met at Sandy Dee's to work on our Block of the Month project.  Today I am going to my Guild's monthly business meeting.  Have I told you about all of the talent in our group and the beautiful show and tells?  Sunday afternoon I am going to my Guilds camp for four days and am really looking forward to some serious sewing.  I have a couple of UFO projects in mind and have to see what else is in my sewing room waiting for me.