Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three more Round Robin Quilts

As promised here are the pictures of the last 3 Round Robin quilts that were shared at the retreat two weeks ago. Every time I look at the pictures I am just in awe. All of the quilts are just beautiful. I hope that I will be able to see the finished quilts some day. I have heard that some Round Robins don't have such happy endings. I have heard about quilters who drop out and do not return the quilt tops to the rightfull owners. A very good friend of mine was involved in a Round Robin a couple of years ago. Her center block was an appliqued basket. She had ideas of flowers in the basket. Someone else decided it reminded her of a basket of eggs so she appliqued eggs in the basket. Another participant went with a chicken theme and Helen's quilt quickly turned into a chicken quilt. Unknown to the rest of the participants Helen is scared to death of chickens. So I guess when you get involved in this type of activity you have to be prepared for anything. I would love to hear your Round Robin stories, just leave a comment.

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Carol Sc said...

These Round Robin quilts are wonderful --- and all so different. I have never been disappointed in my round robin quilts, but I have always participated with people I knew well. I think we do have to be prepared to accept whatever we get --- sometimes these quilts take a totally different direction than we thought they would.