Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Beautiful Labor Day Weekend

How was your Labor Day Weekend. Our weather was perfect ... and even better than that we spent the entire weekend with our family. Thursday afternoon after my Guild meeting Tasha, London and I drove to Mackinac City. We met up with Heather and Allie and then spent some time on the shore of Lake Huron under the Mackinac Bridge. The kids played with the stones, sand and water and us girls visited. Then we went to Burger King for dinner. Heather went back home to Mackinac Island and Allie came home with us. She was two in May is just absolutley beautiful and so much fun. She spent 5 days with us. Friday Tasha, London, Allie, our great nephew Gabe and I went to some garage sales. Then we decided to have an impromptu picnic/pool party at my parents house. We called my sister Connie and she went out there with 2 of her grand kids and my niece Courtney was there. We had a great time swimming and visiting. Allie is like a fish and loves the water and so do I. I don't do much swimming but it is so relaxing just to float in the pool. Saturday we went for golf cart rides and the kids rode their bikes. We went to Steve's brothers house to see the cows. Sunday after Church we had a carnival/pool party/pot-luck at my parents house. I am from a large family and we all enjoy getting together and hanging out. The kids played so hard and had a great time. Yesterday Heather came to pick Allie up and we went back out to the pool. It was hard to send Allie back home again - we had so much fun with her. But this Nana was tired too. In fact I was in bed by 9:30 last night. I got absolutely no sewing done during the weekend but that was perfectly fine with me. How did you spend your holiday weekend?

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