Thursday, September 24, 2009

A New Bridge in Hillman

Who says nothing exciting ever happens in Hillman? The bridge in town, over the Thunder Bay Rover is very old and is now being replaced. There are lots of mixed emotions among the community and I have to agree with both sides. The bridge is historical so it is sad to see it go but there are also safety factors that need to be considered. Our bridge is a double camel bridge constructed of concrete. Those who have been under the bridge say that there is a lot of decay in the cement. A temproary bridge is being built right now that we will be using while the permanent bridge is being built. From the pictures that I have seen the new bridge will look similiar to the old bridge. Plans are also underway to bury the utility lines along Main street. All of this is to be completed by next August. I was in Okemos (near Lansing) last weekend and they have a single camel back bridge there. It is now just a one way street with a second bridge built next to it for the other lane of traffic. It doesn't look as though any attempt was made to keep the look of the original bridge there.

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