Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Day of Canning

I do other things besides quilting and sewing although they are my second love, my first being my family. Last weekend we canned 26 pints of beets from our garden. Because rain was predicted for the weekend and because Steve had to work on Saturday we went out to the garden on Friday night and dug up the beets. Well, actually Steve did the digging and I used some huge scissors to cut the tops off. We filled a wheel barrow with beets. Steve washed them off with the garden hose and put them in the garage. Saturday morning I got the jars washed up, then started boiling and peeling the beets. By the time Steve got home I was ready for his help in running the beets through the pressure cooker. Since my surgery I am still a bit leary about doing any heavy lifting. And since the garden had to be planted shortly after my surgery Steve did all of the planting and weeding. We have canned several quarts of beans from our garden and enjoyed eating peas (edible pods) and we have a few containers in the freezer. I have made several batches of zuchinni bread for the freezer and for the kids and we have enjoyed a few tomatoes from the garden. Our tomatoes didn't do too well this year but we have been told by several "old timers" that this hasn't been good weather for tomatoes this summer. I hope to buy some tomatoes and peaches for canning in the next few weeks.

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