Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some Random Pictures

Our desk top computer was "out of order" then in the "fix it" shop for a week. We now have it back and it seems to be working very well. I was able to use the lap top but didn't want to deal with posting pictures from the lap top. These are just some random pictures.

This is the only Arnold Line boat running between St. Ignace and Mackinac Island right now. Steve and I rode the boat over to the Island on December 14 to attend Allie's first school Christmas program. Her pre-school class sang "Hark the Herald" and they did a great job. All of the school kids on the Island participated in the program and we really enjoyed it. We were able to make a second trip over a couple of weekends ago. The boat is still running as of today but as the temperatures stay cold and the ice forms the boat will be shut down before too long.

Allie, our 4 year old grand daughter loves to put on plays and dances. She is quite a performer and as you can see she is also quite a "ham".

The kids bought me a docking station for my I-Pod. I won this I-Pod at a conference along with an I-Tunes gift card in June of 2010. In December Rachel came over and showed me how to down load songs. She helped me download 5 songs and I have worked with it and now have 13 songs down loaded. The docking station changes colors and works perfect in my sewing room.

When we celebrated Christmas at my parents house (41 of the 43 family members were in attendance) a sister and my brother hired a friend to bring out his team of horses and wagon. Quite a few of us went for a wagon ride. It was very cold that day, alth0ugh there wasn't any snow to speak of. We had lots of blankets and did some snuggling.

Both Steve and I love Christmas and we love to decorate. This year we did a little bit different with our decorating as we have four 1 year old grandsons right now. The nativity set was set up high and the Christmas village stayed in the boxes this year. We always keep our tree up as long as possible and we just took it down last Sunday. We would have left it up longer but it was that day or some time in February.

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