Thursday, January 26, 2012

I am a very lucky quilter!

I am a very lucky quilter and also spoiled by my husband. I am on my way to another Quilter's Retreat first thing tomorrow morning. This retreat is held at a Quilt Shop about an hour from home. Guild friends who have retreated there before invited 2 of my sister and I to join them this weekend. I am really looking forward to going and I totally appreciate my husbands support. I got most of my packing done yesterday and am taking the bow tie blocks and the honey bee blocks that I started awhile ago. I took both of them to the camp last week but ran out of fabric to finish them. Hopefully I can make some progress on both of them. I also threw in a bag of squares that I have accumulated and started making 9 patch block just in case I need another project. And I think I will throw in some yarn in case I need to take a break from the sewing machine. Now comes the challenge - I will be sleeping and spending 3 days at a Quilt Shop. And remember my issues of not buying anything until I get some things finished up? What is a girl to do? I will make my confession when I get home!!!!!

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