Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My wonderful weekend

I totally enjoyed attending the Women's Retreat on Saturday with my daughter-in-love Rachel. She provided music with her key board and her absolutely beautiful voice. The speaker for the retreat was Colleen Cerak from Gaylord, MI. Her daughter Whitney was mistakenly identified as a vicitim in a fatal auto accident a couple of years ago. Five weeks after the accident it was discovered that Whitney was still alive and in a rehab center in Grand Rapids, MI. What an emotional story Colleen had to share with us.
And for a weekend quilting report: I managed to get the machine stitching done on my 2 March Guild Blocks of the Month on Friday evening. On Saturday afternoon I layed out a Mystery Quilt top that I had started at Michigan Quilt Networks Annual Showcase in 2007. It was cold in our house that evening so I pulled out a quilt top, Fandango that I had started hand quilting earlier this winter. It felt so good to have the quilt on my lap and I absolutely love hand quilting. When I have a hand quilting project on my lap and am hand quilting it is like all is well in the world. It is so relaxing and enjoyable to me. Sunday morning we woke up to about 3 inches of snow and some ice on the ground and it continued to rain off and on most of the day. After Church I started machine piecing my Mystery quilt. As you can see in the picture I did get it all pieced. At the end of Step 3 it said to lay the blocks and sashings out according to the diagram. Well, wouldn't you know I didn't have a diagram. So I just started laying blocks and sashings out. I will admit that I did have to do a little un-sewing. The quilt isn't real big but I do like it. I am still debating as to whether I will hand quilt or machine quilt it. When I finish a quilt or a quilt top I usually lay it out on the living room floor and enjoy it for as long as I can. Usually the tops will "talk" to me about the method I will use to finish them.

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