Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Have you been following The Biggest Loser? This is the second season that Steve and I have been faithfully following this program. Actually this is the only television program I regularly watch. I am not really all that interested in television programs unless there is a good Hallmark movie. I would rather sew. Anyway, we have been following The Biggest Loser and it is just amazing watching the transformations. I do have concerns about health issues but I know that they do have a Dr. on site too. My favorites this season are Kristen and Mike. Steve and I have been doing a Biggest Loser program at our house. For me so far I have lost 7 pounds. Not big numbers, but a loss is definitely better than a gain. At last count Steve has lost 10 pounds. We have been changing our eating habits and have been walking. Although the calendar says April 1 we still have some snow here in Hillman and right now it is 40 degrees. We have been walking during the evenings and some evenings are down right cold. We also put our treadmill in the house after we took our Christmas tree and decorations down. I prefer to walk on the treadmill in the mornings and Steve prefers evenings. No if I can just figure out how to do some quilting while walking on the treadmill!!!

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