Friday, March 6, 2009

My newest project ~ Tilt-A-Whirl

This is my newest hand piecing project. The pattern is Tilt-A-Whirl and was published in a Fons and Porter magazine several years ago. Since I love to hand piece and hand quilt I thought this would be a very fun project to work on. We have a road trip planned for next week so the timing is perfect. I started quilting about 25 years ago with a group of Church ladies. We made a couple of raffle quilts for the Church. This was before a lot of machine piecing and machine quilting. I love to do both piecing and quilting by hand. The picture shows the blades for the fans. I made a template out of x-ray film, traced the template onto the back of the fabric, then cut each piece out, eye balling the quarter inch seam allowance. This quilt has close to 250 fan blades. I will hand stitch the blades together in groups of 9. I do not have the background fabric yet (the yellow in the picture). I guess that means it is time for a shopping trip. I absolutely love scrap quilts. I have several totes of fabric and it is fun to dig into them and pull fabrics for quilts. I have been on a mission to try to reduce my stash.


Carol Sc said...

I, too, try to diminish my stash --- then, I see a bunch of scraps and my determination is out the window!!

Thunder Bay Resort Quilter's Retreat said...

Sometime I think something happens in my sewing room when I turn off the lights!!! I don't seem to do much for stash reduction.