Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This beautiful snow owl was perched on the roof of the Credit Union here in town last week. I wish I could have gotten a clearer picture of it. I did zoom the camera in as close as it would zoom.
I have a question for you about stress. How do you handle stress? I am working 2 part time jobs right now and this week has been stressful at my "other" job. When I am stressed I have lots of pain in my body and don't feel like doing anything. Yesterday when I went home for lunch I sat at my sewing machine and got about 20 minutes of sewing in. It did help a little bit but I did have to go back to work. Luckily by mid-afternoon I was feeling a whole lot better. I think the walk that I took in the 55 degree weather (and it is February in northern Michigan!) helped too. I would love to hear how you manage stress. I was told by a fellow worker that I am at an age where I shouldn't let things bother me. I agree but how do I let it go? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Quilting Principal said...

As a school principal looking out over 63 employees and 600 children, I am the queen of stress. In 1996, my husband told me that I needed to find something to do for myself that I enjoyed. Quilting fit the bill. Of course, I sprinkle in a massage or two when I am really feeling tense. Walking along the countryside by myself is also relaxing and involves exercise. Sounds like you already know what to do, you just have to make the time to take care of yourself. That is the challenge that so many of us women struggle with.

I may have also found a new stress reliever. For Valentine's Day, my sweetie bought me a weighted hula-hoop. Now my gyrating hips may not be the prettiest thing you have ever seen, but it sure causes my household to giggle. Some of the kids at school have also gotten a glimpse of this phenomenon and have smiled - or was that laughed hysterically? Anyway, who knows? I may find a waistline again some day.