Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow People and Snow

In an earlier post I mentioned that we are doing 2 Blocks of the Month in my Quilt Guild. This snow person block is the January block. I do not have eyes on my snow person or beaks on my birds yet. I am thinking about using buttons for eyes and maybe some bead embellishments. I have not used beads before so it will be a learning experience for me. I am picturing some beaded garland on the trees, some snow flakes in the air ..........
Speaking of snow - we had a January thaw here in Hillman this week. The temps got up into the upper 50's for a couple of days and we also had lots and lots of rain. London and his Dad were playing in the snow last Friday. Check out the rosy cheeks!! This Friday it is pretty much all mud although we did get an inch or so of snow last night. I did enjoy the warmer temperatures but of course I knew they were a teaser. It is only the middle of February so still have some winter coming. That is good too, as I still have lots of quilting that I want to get done this winter.
Hey, I was talking with my boss Jack today and we are going to have a contest here on my blog, probably next week. Please come back and visit. I will get the rules posted soon. Have a great weekend!!

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