Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Blog Contest

OK - today is the day, but I have a slight problem. Jack, my boss, has left town for a few days. He is attending a trade show, I think he said in Pennsylvania. I didn't get a chance to discuss a prize or the contest with him before he left. So I will just make up the rules and the prize on my own. It is easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission, isn't it? So here is the deal. Just make a comment on any of my blog posts between now and February 28 and we will have a drawing. Even if you just say "Hi Pam" that will work although I think it would be fun to know what quilty project you are working on right now. A prize winner will be drawn sometime after February 28. Oh, while we are being a little daring let's make it two prizes for the winner. (I wonder if Jack reads this blog). I look forward to hearing from you, just click on "comment" and type away. Good luck!!
When the cat (Jack) is away, the mice (or mouse a.k.a Pam) will play. I am heading to a Winter Quilt Camp this afternoon and I am sooooo excited. The Camp is hosted by the Gone to Pieces Quilt Guild from Alpena and is held at the Air Base in Alpena. We sleep in the barracks, eat in the mess hall and sew in an absolutely beautiful auditorium/classroom. This the third annual Winter Quilt Camp and there will be about 100 quilters there. I have all of my "stuff" packed and will load the car when I go home for lunch. I packed my February Guild Snowman Block of the Month and will add the machine button hole stitches. I also have a Flower BOM from several years ago that I plan to work on. I have a mystery quilt that I started in a class in 2007 and I hope to get that put together. I also have a few other projects packed that I doubt that I will get to. I will tell you all about the retreat when I get home.


Pieceful Jane said...

I wish I were headed off to a quilting retreat this weekend! I will instead stay home and do a "Virtual Retreat" on the internet with Pat Sloan.

The Quilting Principal said...

I also wish I was on a retreat. Instead, I am cleaning my house and hoping to find a few moments to work on a Round Robin that I am involved with. Love the Round Robin Challenge!!!

Cathy said...

Hi Pat Iam glad I found your blog!Hope to vist alpena again soon, it is so lovely there. I think Michigan winters are good for two things, quilting and eating. Too bad I do to much of the last and not enough of the last.Hope to see you again soon!

Sue said...

Hi Pam
I am looking forward to this summer and Mark Lipinski. He was fantastic last time.


I bet you accomplished a lot, and laughed a lot at quilt retreat. Am working on 2 Fun & Done quilts as well as a County Lines pattern out of musical fabric for a step grandson in CA. Got to visit with your sweetie a few weeks back...I always get caught when I'm in your neck of the woods!

Donna K said...

Hi Pam

It's been awhile and glad to see your blog. I don't know about blogging, but I'll try.

Hope to visit soon.

Donna K

Jo said...

Can't wait to come back this August.
Had a wonderful time last year when Mark was there!

Quiltmania said...

I'm so jealous. I wish I was going off to a quilt retreat. I'm planning on attending my first ever quilt retreat this summer. I'm so excited!! Just finished up the ballet wall hanging for my neice and so it's off to the next project -- a bear claw pattern for my nephew.