Thursday, July 7, 2011


I do not consider myself up to date on technology, not even close. I won an I-pod a year ago and still don't even know how to turn the thing on. But yesterday proved to be very interesting in the technology department. My brother-in-law had major surgery in Boston. His wife (my sister, their 3 kids, their sons girlfriend and my two other sisters (all from Hillman) were there and still are. I spent the day with my parents here in Hillman intercepting, reporting and responding to texts from my two sisters. I also took my lap top to my parents and read posts that my sister has been posting on It was a wonderful way to keep up with what was going on. My parents even said it was just like being there for the surgery. My brother-in-law is doing very well. He had to have his left lung removed because of mesotheleoma. He is in ICU right now and as he progresses he will be moved to a step down unit and then released. They have to stay in Boston for up to 4 weeks during his recovery. But with phone calls, texts and website we can stay in touch. On a personal note, I had both the cell phone and computer out by my parents swimming pool and was also able to enjoy some pool time with one of our grandsons, one nephew and 3 great-nephews.

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