Friday, July 8, 2011

Do you belong to a Quilt Guild?

Yesterday was our monthly Quilt Guild meeting. I truly enjoy my Guild and all of it's members. Yesterday we had 37 members and 1 guest attend. We discussed our annual picnic that will be held later this month. We also discussed our annual county fair and the Guilds involvement in the fair. We will have a lecture and a class in August with Klaudeen Hansen of Wisconsin. We also received the dates for our fall camp. And then the show and tell began - I am always in awe of the beautiful items that members share during our Guild meetings. I have to admit that I came away a little "down in the dumps" yesterday. This always seems to be a busy time of year and I have very little time in my sewing room. Our Guild has been doing the Banners of the Month and since I am helping my sister Carol, our project chair I am pushing hard to keep up and get the banners made before each meeting. I do love the summer but also love a little down time and more time for sewing. Do you belong to a Guild? If not I highly recommend you find one to join or start one. I really enjoy the frinedships I have made with fellow Guild members and I always love the inspiration.

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