Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Little Bit of Sewing Time

We were hit with the big heat wave here last week like in so many other areas. I spent a lot of time at my parents pool. But I also set in front of the sewing machine and the fan to finish this charity quilt top. It is the Jelly Roll 1600 pattern. I had to do a little adjusting as I used left over bindings that are 2 1/4 inch wide instead of 2 1/2 inch wide. It was a valuable lesson in the importance of a 1/4 inch. In a previous post I showed pictures of the charity day at Guild where we worked on this pattern. A couple members of our Guild are friends with a couple of gals from another group down state who are making quilts for an orphanage. We decided to offer some assistance in making quilts. A long arm quilter has offered to quilt the quilts. Hopefully some kids will enjoy the "fruits of our labors".

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