Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Alcona County Quilt Trail Project

Last Saturday I had a wonderful opportunity to visit The Alcona County Quilt Trail Project. The tour was organized by our Michigan Quilt Network Region 2 officers. Nine members and guests met at Hollyhock Quilt Shop to hear a brief history of the project. This is the first Quilt Trail Project in Michigan. We were given very detailed maps and sent on our way. Twenty eight quilt blocks are featured on barns and on posts at various locatons throughout the County. We didn't get to all 28 of the blocks as lunch and a sale at a Quilt Shop were calling all of our names. I do hope to go back and finish the trail some day. I am just sharing a few of the pictures with you today. I hope you will take the opportunity to visit this Quilt Trail and any of the others featured in several states.

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Renicole said...

Thanks for posting those quilt blocks. Somehow in my travels, those first two were the ones I missed. I will go back someday and get them also.