Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little change in my crafting

During my recuperation from surgery last year I re-discovered crocheting. Before I started quilting I did quite a bit of crocheting along with a few other crafts. During my recuperation my eye sight affected my quilting. So I pulled some yarn out and found that I enjoyed crocheting again. My Mom gave me some odds and ends of skeins and scraps of yarn. I made these two scrappy afghans and have 2 more "in the works". Steve took these two afghans to the Homeless Shelter in Alpena yesterday and he said the people there were very appreciative. I have 2 more afghans going right now and once they are finished they will go to the Homeless Shelter too. I have also put a call out to my fellow Guild members asking for odds and ends of yarn from their stashes.
A weather update -- we have received a couple of inches of snow here so everything looks fresh again. The sky has lots of wierd colors so I don't know if that means we are in for a storm or not.
Fabric stash update - I bought 3 yards of fabric in the last 2 weeks. They will be used for two different gifts in the very near future. Since they are for gifts I can't elaborate right now. I haven't had much time for quilting lately. I did do some machine quilting on some preprinted fabric and once it is bound I will share a picture. I have also been working on fusing some applique blocks and the next step will be to machine applique them.

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