Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Quilt of Love for Perrin

In May our brother-in-law Perrin, my sister Carols husband of 31 years was diagnosed with mesotheleoma (cancer of the lung). He has worked in the plumbing and heating industry for most of his adult life. In June Perrin and Carol traveled to Boston to met with Dr. Sugarbaker and specialist in mesotheleoma. The Dr. did a thorough exam and said that he would operate and he felt the outcome would be good. In July Perrin and Carol, along with their 3 children traveled to Boston where Perrin underwent major surgery. His left lung was removed as was his diaphragm and lining of his heart. He spent about a week in the hospital and them 3 weeks in a hotel close to the hospital so nurses could come in and check on him. The Dr. prescribed 6 chemo treatments and he has already had 3 of them. So far he is doing very well. Their life has undergone some major changes but all is well. While they were in Boston our family and close friends hosted a benefit dinner for the family. Along with the dinner was a live auction, a silent auction, various raffles and games. To our surprise and delight we had over 700 people attend. I prepared 4 1/2" quilt blocks, provided fabric markers and asked each family to sign a quilt block and include words of encouragement. I ended up with 159 signed quilt blocks. thanks to my friend Donna for the suggestion I made the quilt reversible and used the quilt as you go method. The sashing on one side is camo and the other side is black. I finally was able to present the quilt to Perrin a couple of weeks ago. Both he and Carol loved it. And of course there were lots of tears. They said they are still having fun reading the names and messages and there are a few blocks signed by people who they don't even know. It is so great to live in a small, loving and caring community.

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