Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Free Day

Today was a totally free day for me. I was called for Jury Duty so kept today and tomorrow cleared on my calendar. When I called yesterday I was told my services would not be needed, thank you. So, today I gave the house a D & C (dusting and cleaning), washed a couple of windows, cleaned the bathroom and even mopped the floor in there. I have to admit that I don't mop as often as I should and boy the bathroom sure looks nice now. I even managed some time in my sewing room. I made this carrying bag for my sewing table. Last fall I bought one of the sewing tables from JoAnn Fabric and I just love it. But it didn't come with a cover and as much as I haul it around I wanted some protection for the table. I had this upholstery fabric and thanks to Guild member Pearl some strapping. I just laid the fabric down, did a little folding, tucking and pinning and started sewing. I like the way it turned out. I may put some velcro on it yet. I consider myself a pattern person, give me a pattern and I am good to go, but not real creative on my own. Although this was a rather simple project it may be proof that I don't give myself enough credit or maybe I don't have enough confidence in myself. Tomorrow I am taking my Mom in for a ultra-sound in the morning and in the afternoon will finish packing for a retreat that starts on Friday.

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