Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!

I know we need the rain but couldn't Mother Nature hold off till later this evening? Today is the big Little League opener here in Hillman. The kids participate in a parade, then the ball games begin. London has his first T-Ball game and Cameryn plays kid pitch baseball. I really hope the weather straightens up so the kids can have their special Little League day. After the games I have a bridal shower to attend. Then maybe a little sewing time will be the next thing on the agenda. Steve got our lawn mowed last night and it looks great. He got up early this morning to go mushroom hunting. He definitely has more drive and will power than I do. I am not an early morning person and especially when it is raining. I enjoy mushroom hunting but I do get a little creeped out in the woods. I like to keep an eye on the road and/or the vehicle. I have heard too many stories about people getting lost in the woods. In fact, about three weeks ago the fire department was called out to help find two people who were lost in the woods. They had a cell phone that was on it's last amount of battery power. The firefighters found them just before dark, thankfully. But that does make me a bit nervous. Steve is a logger and spends 5 days a week in the woods and he also has an excellent sense of direction. And hopefully he will have a successful mushroom hunt today. Fresh morels sound great today!

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