Saturday, May 14, 2011

Northern Michigan is not for sissies

Today was our Little League opening day. The morning started with a parade of all of the players and coaches. The parade was led by a group of VFW members carrying flags. And of course in a small town a fire truck and an ambulance is always involved in the parade. As I posted earlier it was raining this morning and it just so happened that it has rained all day long. I spent 3 hours at the ball park watching two of our grandsons play baseball. London played his first ever T-Ball game and did a great job. Cameryn played baseball and got a couple of nice hits and also pitched for an inning. The rain didn't seem to hamper any of the kids spirits. Umbrellas, carharts, hats, hoodies and gloves seemed to be the attire of the day. When I got in my car to come home I noticed that the temperature on my car's dash said 49 degrees. No wonder I felt chilled to the bone. This was one of the most colorful umbrellas I saw. And the playground equipment was too wet for the kids to enjoy today.

When I got home I changed my clothes and tried to put a little curl in my hair after wearing my hoodie all morning and then headed to a bridal shower for a nephew's fiance. The shower was very nice and I feel I went from one extreme (carharts and hoodies) to the other (beautiful bridesmaids all dressed up). All in all it was a fun day despite the rain. And it is a good thing Steve got the lawn mowed last night. Once the rain stops and we get a little sunshine it will be time to mow again.

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