Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking Advantage of Mother Nature

For the past 24 hours or so we have been warned that we are under a winter weather advisory here in Hillman. Predictions are for rain, sleet, thunder storms and snow (and it has been snowing here for over 2 hours now and it is just beginning to stick to the ground). Predictions are that we could get up to 6 inches of snow. Today was an almost winter day with very cold temps and high winds. I decided to take advantage of Mother Nature and do some sewing. Of course my husband very lovingly tells me that I don't need a reason to sew. I recently purchased a sewing machine table from JoAnn Fabric and I really like it. I don't need it here at home as my sewing machine sets in a counter top but I have used the table at a couple of retreats. Today I set the table up in our family room along with another table. I did some meandering quilting on this quilt. The name of the quilt is Sweet Dreams and it was made last year as a mystery quilt at Guild. I also machine stitched the binding on this quilt and another one that I recently hand quilted. I like to attach the bindings by machine and then hand stitch the binding down on the back side of the quilt. While I was sewing I started thinking about the television programs about hoarders. I have never seen any of the programs but have heard about them and can only imagine. This made me think about the mess in my sewing room. I should mention that the reason I set up my sewing station in my family room today is because my sewing room isn't big enough for this type of set up and the counter for my sewing machine isn't big enough to quilt a large piece. So then I decided that before I quilt the second quilt tomorrow I was going to go into my sewing room and see what I could do to organize it a bit. I would much rather be creative with fabric than try to organize but I decided I would give it a try. Well, our son called and asked if I could watch our twin grandsons tomorrow. Hmmm, big decision - have fun with our 13 month old little guys or shuffle things around in my sewing room. No decision there - but maybe while they are napping I can work in my sewing room a little bit. I have always told the grandkids that that was Nana's No No room. So far the twins haven't discovered it yet as I keep the door closed when they are here. Oh, and when my husband came home from work he very lovingly (again) teased me about taking over a second room in the house!!

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