Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A finished quilt

I finally have a finished project to share. The name of this quilt is Tilt A Whirl and I found the pattern in a Fons and Porter magazine several years ago. I hand pieced and hand quilted this quilt. The second picture shows some of the quilting detail on the back. Hand piecing and hand quilting are my favorite methods. When I am hand quilting my mind goes off in many different directions and I just feel that all is well with the world. Hand quilting is so peaceful and relaxing to me. Summer is always a busy time and I haven't had much time for sewing lately. And when I do go into my sewing room it seems like I am jumping from one project to another. I have managed to make about 20 more Christmas stockings for my Guild and I have about that many more in various stages. The stocking construction is a "no brainer"and I enjoy working on them when I just need some down time. I am not much of a TV watcher so I manage to work on stockings in the evenings. I had set a goal and so far I am ahead of schedule.

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janet said...

That is a very cool quilt, lovely work!!