Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Could it be a 4th generation quilter?

We recently totally enjoyed 6 days with our 3 year old grand daughter Allie. We had a lot of fun with her. After going to Guild for a day of sewing I guess Allie decided she could operate my sewing machine. She had great fun putting squares of fabric under the presser foot and pretending to sew blocks together. While we were at JoAnn Fabric over the weekend she showed Papa the little girl sewing machine she wants to get when she gets bigger. We had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday weekend with lots of family time. Other than at Guild I didn't do any quilting but that is totally fine with me. There is always time for sewing later. Family comes first!


Becky said...

How INCREDIBLY C-U-T-E!!!!! Wonderful pictures with the sun coming through the windows, and you subject (grand daughter) is beautiful!!! Way to go!!!

joven said...

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