Monday, March 8, 2010

A Very Productive Weekend

I had a very productive weekend, how about you? I managed to spend lots of time in my sewing room and loved every minute of it. I machine sewed the binding on to a quilt that I started in 2006. Once I get the binding hand sewn down I will show a picture. I also sandwiched 14 Tiny Miracle (preemie) quilts and got one of those machine quilted and bound. We enjoyed our grandsons basket ball game, lunch at Mancinos, spent too much money at Wal-Mart, cooked a couple of meals, went to Church, balanced the check book, enjoyed 2 walks in the 50 plus degree weather and did a load of laundry. Whew!! Uh oh, I just remembered that the load of laundry is still in the dryer. I will have to get that folded and put away when I get home. The plan for the afternoon is to try to get a couple more Tiny Miracle quilts quilted.

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