Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mark Lipinski's Golf Cart

WOW - We just finished 8 wonderful and hectic days here at Thunder Bay Resort with Mark Lipinski and lots and lots of retreaters. We are all a little bit tired here as I am sure Mark is too. During a little down time Mark had fun dressing up a golf cart, complete with tiki torches and a grass skirt. He also taught two class, Throw Me A Curve Mystery Quilt and Thunder Bay Curves and Ribbons Mystery Quilt. Both of the quilts were beautiful and it was fun to see them in so many color combinations. I wasn't able to take the classes, darn it, but hope to make the quilts some day. Thank you to Mark, Jeff, Karen, JoEllen and our vendors Everlasting Stitches, Back Street Quilt Shop, Quilter's Treasure, Hollyhock Quilt Shop and Wendy's Simple Stitches for a great retreat. Mark's Interview - YouTubeVideo


Carol Sc said...

Can you post a picture of the quilts Mark taught? It would be fun to see them. Good luck getting yours done!

Thunder Bay Resort Quilter's Retreat said...


I am sorry that I don't have any pictures. Mark did not bring any completed quilts with him. My camera was having problems during the retreats so I wasn't able to take any pictures of the quilts in progress. I did ask the retreaters to share their pictures with me and so far no luck.