Friday, January 23, 2009

Sandwiching some quilts

Over the last few days I sandwiched 6 quilt tops. Steve built the 4 legs for my frame many years ago. Each leg is free standing and holds my frames. The frames are just boards with polyester fabric wrapped around them. The heighth is just perfect for me. I stretch each backing, batting and quilt top on the frame, then use many, many little brass safety pins to hold the layers together. Then I remove the quilt from the frame and I can either hand or machine quilt the quilts. The quilt shown here is my Spider Hexagon quilt from a class taught by Gyleen Fitzgerald here at Thunder Bay Resort last September. I am anxious to get this quilt quilted. I am very excited about the way that it turned out. Of the 6 quilts I pinned I plan to hand quilt one and machine quilt the others. Time and arthritis have made me realize that I need to be a bit more selective as to which quilts I hand quilt and which ones I machine quilt.

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