Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Fun Day of Sewing

I enjoyed a fun day of sewing yesterday with my sister and a friend. Last winter we met at a Church here in town on Wednesdays to sew. The location was convenient but the heat didn't get turned up until we got there and it was always very cold. Actually by the time it was time to go home the room was finally warm. I mentioned that perhaps we could sew at Sandy D's Quilt Shop. It is located 4 miles from Hillman, Sandy is a wonderful lady and friend, she is open every day and she has a large class room area. So yesterday was our first day to sew there. We had a small crowd but that was ok. Carol worked on adding the borders to her quilt for her son Cody. Jessica worked on her block of the month quilt from Sandy D's. I had planned to do that too but had a change of plans and sewed on a stash buster quilt. It was so nice to be able to spread our stuff out, visit with each other, visit with Sandy and visit with the customers. We decided to meet every Wednesday, beginning in January to sew and socialize.
After dinner last night I sewed 3 small Christmas gifts.

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