Saturday, February 5, 2011

Modern Technology

I love my computer, especially when everything works well. During the last couple of weeks we have had some technical difficulties with one of our programs. And we changed internet providers so that created some hassles too. During the last couple of weeks I spent more time on the telephone with "tech" people than I did with my sewing machine :( I spoke with some very friendly people from the Phillipines and from India and even Janet from Ohio in the good old US of A. Hopefully we have everything back up and running. I still have to do some installations on our lap top but am avoiding that for the time being.

In November my Mom and I dug through her fabric stash looking for fabric to use to make Christmas gifts. While in her upstairs I found boxes, baskets and bags of balls of yarn of all sizes, all left overs from some of her knitting and crochet projects. I gathered a large amount of the balls and brought them home. I found a crochet pattern for an afghan, Blazing Ripple Throw. I can do basic crocheting and read very simple patterns. This pattern called for a dc3tog stitch. I had a terrible time trying to figure that stitch out. Finally I realized a wonderful source for such problems -- the internet. It didn't take long to find the stitch instructions and figure it out. I used my Mom's left over yarn and made 5 afghans. My only expense was a size N crochet hook. Because the hook is so big it doesn't take very long to get an afghan made. I am still quilting but have found that I really enjoy crocheting too. I have taken my crocheting in the car and found that I don't have to deal with pins, needles, thread, scissors, etc. Quite awhile ago I read an article in our local newspaper about a woman in a neighboring town who collects afghans and delivers them to Veterans homes. Since both my Dad and my husband are Veterans I thought that was a very worthwhile cause. A week or so after Christmas I delivered 2 afghans to the delivery location, a beauty shop, then last Thursday I delivered these 3 afghans to the same beauty shop. I have enough yarn here to make 2 more afghans, then I will be checking out my Mom's stash to see if she has any more left over yarn.

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