Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone?

I can't believe that it has been over a month since my last post. Things have been very crazy here. Along with all of the usual chaos before Christmas with shopping, gift wrapping, decorating, baking, Christmas partys and programs I was fighting a nasty cold that just didn't want to give up. Then two days before Christmas one of our twins was diagnosed with whooping cough. He and his family were given anti-biotics and were quarantined to their homes. Since we had all been together before the diagnosis all of our grandchildren were checked, given antibiotics and quarantined. So were weren't able to see our children and grandchildren for Christmas. That was very hard for me, especially since everyone lives so close. Fortunately my sister-in-law and her family from all over the country were here in Hillman for almost a week so we were able to spend time with them. Shortly after the whooping cough passed the stomach flu hit several of us. As of this very minute everyone is healthy again. We were able to have Christmas with our daughter and her family on January 1 at a hotel in St. Ignace. Then we had Christmas with one of our sons and his family on Saturday evening and we gave gifts to our other son and his family on Sunday afternoon. I certainly hope we never have another Christmas like that. I have managed to do a little bit of sewing and some crocheting. Before Christmas I was going through my Mom's fabric stash pulling fabrics to help her make pillow cases for her great grandchildren (14) and 4 grand children. I found boxes, bags and baskets of small balls of yarn. I brought home a large bag of yarn scraps and started crocheting afghans. I have 1 done and 2 in the works. There is a lady here that collects them for a veterans home and I am happy to make the donations. I am in the process of hand quilting a quilt and right now I am trying to decide what I want to do with the final borders. I am hoping to have this quilt finished for show and tell at my Guild on the first Thursday in February.

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Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Glad to see you are well again and back to blog posting.