Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our garden is going crazy

Or perhaps I should say Steve's garden is going crazy. I don't know why but for some reason I wasn't very involved in planting our garden in the spring. Steve did a great job and the weather has been very cooperative too. Last week I picked and froze these 9 bags of swiss chard. This was my 3rd time of freezing swiss chard and we had enjoyed several meal of fresh chard too. And it looks like I need to be cutting it again. I did tell Steve that we may have to dig up a row or two as we will soon run out of freezer space. Last weekend I also put green beans in the freezer. We prefer canned beans but there wasn't enough in the first picking to pull the pressure cooker out. Our zuchinni plants have been producing like crazy too. I have given away several zuchinni and also put some of them in the freezer (I stir fried them before I froze them). So far I have picked just 1 cucumber and 1 picking of pea pods but I need to get out in the garden again real soon. Not much time for sewing but that usually happens in the summer.

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