Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Weekend Road Trip

Steve and I enjoyed a very fast pace road trip last weekend. We stayed in 3 different hotels in 3 different states. One of our destinations was the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. We spent all day Friday there and enjoyed visiting the vendors and seeing the beautiful quilts. My favorite part of the show was meeting Penny Haren and purchasing her Pieced Applique book. I have admired her work for a very long time. My friend, Nancy from St. Ignace made the quilt and it was absolutely beautiful. I have been studying the book and am anxious to start the quilt. I think Steve conveniently planned an overnight stay near a Bass Pro Shop so we made a visit there. I enjoyed wandering through the shop. I didn't mind the visit to Bass Pro at all, especially since Steve does so many "quilty" things with and for me.

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