Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am throwing in the towel!!

Back in January I posted this picture after deciding that I needed to do some organizing in my sewing room. I asked you to help me "hold my feet to the fire" until I got this job done. Well, it is now 3 months later and I can not post any progress in the organizing department. I have just decided that it is not going to happen any time soon and I am ok with that. I don't get very much time in my sewing room, so when I am there I just want to sew. As long as I can find my sewing machine, my supplies and my projects I am a happy camper. I do try to sew every day but some days it is an hour or two of hand quilting in the evenings. During the weekend Steve helped me put my frame up and I sandwiched 2 quilts. One of the quilts will be machine quilted and the other one will be hand quilted, probably during the winter. Other than some hand quilting that was the closest I got to quilting but that is ok. I am confident that the time will come when I can spend boo-koo hours in my sewing room Until then I am happy to take whatever time I can get.

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Oh it's not that bad! I would hate to show you mine! lol
Lucky you to have two beautiful grandsons!