Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am back, well sort of!!

I have been on medical leave since the first part of April. I had an AVM in my brain and ended up with surgery. I spent 16 days in the ICU unit of a downstate hospital. I am surprised how much of a toll all of this has taken on my body. I just don't seem to have a whole lot of "get up and go" right now. I am limiting my time in the office as I certainly don't want a back slide. My family and friends have been wonderful with prayers, cards, food, phone calls and well wishes. I am not allowed to drive until Christmas. My husband and my family have been wonderful in taking me where I need to go.
For some reason I have not had any desire to do any sewing since my surgery (well, except for the button I sewed on a blouse about a week and a half ago). I did manage to crochet a small baby afghan. The bleed in my brain affected my eye sight so I think that is my biggest reason for not sewing. I do have a couple of quilts waiting for binding so I hope to work on those in the not so distant future.
I have missed not working with the retreats and I sincerly thank Karen and JoEllen for stepping in and taking care of the behind the scenes work. I really appreciate you girls.
This picture was taken during the 4th of July weekend when Steve and I spent the weekend on Mackinac Island with our daughter and grand daughter. The weather was perfect and the flowers were just gorgeous.
I hope to get back to blogging real soon.

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Carol Sc said...

Welcome back, Pam! I have been wondering what was going on with you and with the retreats. I can't work in a retreat this year, but hope to return again. I thorougly enjoyed the one with Edyta. I hope your enthusiasm for quilting returns soon. I think surgery really knocks a person for a loop. With wishes for a return of energy! Carol