Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Decorations

Yesterday after work I pulled out our Halloween decorations. This cat and pumpkin is my favorite decoration for Halloween. I made this BQ (before quilting)! It made me think about my "crafting life." I am sure that many of you can identify with my crafting progression. As a young girl in 4-H we made lots of craft projects involving glue, fabric, ribbon, lace, yarn, more glue, wood and even macaroni. I tried my hand at knitting but soon discovered that it just wasn't for me. I did some crocheting, mainly afghans. I made several counted cross stitch projects, in fact I have a couple that I didn't finish. I got into the plastic canvas for a little while too. Once I was "bit by the quilting bug" it completely took over my life. I have been quilting for about 24 years now. I used to fear the "A" word - applique, but now I feel rather confident with needle turn applique. I have had some experience with the "P" word - paper piecing and I feel that I still need more practice. Hand quilting is my favorite aspect of quilting.

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