Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pillow cases

Our Guild, Thunderbay Quilt Guild meets every Thursday. On months when there is a fifth Thursday we use that as a Charity Sew. Last week's charity sew was pillow cases for children with very serious illnesses (ConKerr Cancer). We had a very ambitious group of twelve members attend. Sewing machines were buzzing, irons and rotary cutters were flying and of course laughter and conversation was aplenty. On about a 5 hour period we finished 85 pillow cases plus we had 49 pillow cases that were brought in before the sewing day. I am very proud of all of our participants, thank you girls. We are going to make lots of kids very happy and also help to brighten their days. All of the pillow cases had to be washed, dried, pressed and put into individual zip lock bags. I brought home the majority of the pillow cases. I ended up washing 4 loads and by 2:00 p.m. on Friday they were all bagged and ready to go. I will deliver them to a "middle person" next week who will make sure they get to the appropriate person for distribution. And I suspect that I may get a few more pillow cases at our business meeting tomorrow. Charity sewing is so rewarding. If you haven't been involved in any such activities I suggest you check around and see what you can do to help others.

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