Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prairie Women's Sewing Circle

Yesterday I attended the second meeting of the Prairie Women's Circle Club at Delphine's Quilt Shop in Gaylord. This club meets six times, once every other month for the year. We are exploring the lives of women from about 1840 to the turn of the century. It is very interesting. We have a home work assignment after every class. The first quilt we made was named Leap of Faith. The size if 17 inches by 21 inches. I machine pieced my quilt and hand quilted it and I am really happy with the way it turned out. One of the things we talk about is the fact that women made do with what they had available to make quilts for their families. Some members of the class are trading fabric and using the fabrics in their quilts. I have decided that my make do will be to use fabrics from my stash (and perhaps from my Mom's stash too). Our new home work assignment is to make a log cabin quilt that will be 38 inches by 38 inches. I really loved the sample that Delphine made and I am anxious to get started on mine.
Today is open sewing at Guild and I have decided to take some hand work to do. I am just not in the mood to haul my sewing machine and all of the things I will need to take. Plus I am at a point with my scrappy quilt that I need to cut more 1 1/2 inch squares.

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