Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sandwiching Small Quilts

Here is how I do it: I use my table from JoAnn Fabric that has a smooth finish. I use brown tape to tape the quilt backing to the table, stretching the fabric as much as I can. Then I lay the batting on top of the backing. Then I tape the quilt top to the batting and backing, again stretching the top as much as I can. I use little brass safety pins and pin the three layers together. I probably use more pins than I need but I want to make sure nothing moves. Once all of the pins are in place I am ready to hand or machine quilt the small pieces. I have used this method for a long time and it works for me. For large quilts I use my frame to sandwich and then pin the three layers together. Last night after dinner I pinned three Tiny Miracle (preemie) quilts. My plan is to sandwich 4 retreat signature quilts and a few more Tiny Miracle quilts this afternoon and evening. As of right now I plan to machine quilt all of these quilts when I have time.
We had a very busy weekend so there wasn't much sewing time but that is ok with me. We enjoyed visiting with out of town relatives, attended our twin grandsons baby dedication at their church, did a little shopping, canned salsa and beets and even squeezed in a little time for relaxation.

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Becky said...

I have one of those tables too! Don't know how I lived without one before! I went to a free-motion class where the teacher had another great idea. Instead of taping, she uses those big binder clamps that you get at office supply store and clamps the back to the edges of the table. Works great!