Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Family Wedding

My nephew and his fiance Jill were married last Saturday in a beautiful ceremony. Josh's step-dad is a pastor and he performed the ceremony. Both Josh and Jill are into hunting and fishing so the theme of the decorations at the reception was camo, deer and elk antlers and outdoor decorations. Josh works for his Dad in the forestry business. The red machine shown above is a skidder. When the trees are cut the operator loads the logs onto the skidder and takes them to the landing where the semi-driver picks them up. I should add that the company does not do clear cutting, they do select cutting and forestry management. My husband works for the same company. Anyway, the skidder was used to transport the bridal party (all 20 of them!!) from the Church to the Community Center for the reception. The food at the reception was great, the music was good and it was great to spend the weekend with family members. One of my sisters did the count and Jill makes #48 to our family, beginning with my grandmother. Since my sisters have a small catering business, of course we did the cooking all day Friday along with the decorating. On Sunday we went back to the hall to watch the gift opening, eat wedding left overs and clean the hall. A great time was had by all and I am still trying to catch up on some rest. Our daughter Heather and her two little ones were in town for the wedding. Her 4 year old daughter Allie is staying with us this week and we will take her home on Saturday. We are having a great time although I forget what it is like to have a 4 year old in the house.

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