Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Little Family Christmas Tradition

Before I started quilting I dabbled in lots of differents crafts including macrame, crocheting, counted cross stitch and plastic canvas items. Many, many years ago I decided to make these tree ornaments for my parents with the names of their grandchildren. As of today they have 14 grandchildren. Five of the grandchildren are married so their spouses also have their names on the tree. And once the great-grandchildren started arriving they couldn't be left out. As of today they have 14 great grandchildren (and 7 of them are ours). This year we had 5 new babies join the family and 4 of them were ours. I recently finished name tags for all of the new babies for my parents tree and for our tree. I made our grandchildrens ornaments in gold and white. All of my siblings have ornaments with their childrens names for their trees and my sister has ornaments for her 7 grandchildren. WOW - that is a lot of ornaments. Some day I will have to sit down and do a count to see how many I have actually made - or maybe I don't want to. With the additon of 5 more name to my parents tree I am anxious to see if they have room for any other ornaments.

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